Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing up

He's getting so big already!

Gabriel can sit up with some support to keep him from tipping over, his balance needs some work but it won't be long till he's observing his brothers from a whole new angle! And look how big that belly of his has gotten, such a good eater I have to supplement with formula!!

It's potty time, to keep him interested in staying seated he plays video games, hey it work for Hunter!!

My Garden, (3 weeks) good corn and beans!

Michael's Garden, good lettus and radishes!

Well Gabriel is 5 months old as of yesterday! I can't believe how big he has gotten, it's seems like he just sprouted over night. I'm already having to go through his clothes again and take out the 3 to 6 months and put in the 6 to 9 months clothes. It's so fun to pull out all the old clothes thinking about when Hunter wore this or Samuel wore that, it's sad to see how big they both are but it's great that they are becoming so independent.

Hunter only has 7 days left of school, next year he will be in all day kindergarten. It breaks my heart knowing he will be away from me so long and not able to monitor him or see how the other kids are treating him (which usually isn't very nice because he's different), what's a mom to do. At least it's not all bad, I thought with his teacher telling me that he would be able to go to regular kindergarten that he would be on his own, which I was glad to hear he was doing so well but at the same time it scared me to death, what if he didn't do well and the teacher was mean to him and the kids too. Luckily that is not the case, he will join the regular kids in Kindergarten for things like PE, Computers, Library, Music, Lunch and Recess but his core studies he will still be with the delayed development kids and teachers (smaller student to teacher ratio) which is exactly what Hunter needs. He is easily distracted and too many people and noises really bother him. So even though he won't be fully in "regular" kindergarten he will still be able to socialize with the kids so that they will "demonstrate" the proper social skills for a 5/6 yr old. He needs a lot of help with his social skills, he really doesn't understand when an adult raises their voice or changes their tone to reprimand, that isn't what a child is suppose to do to an adult. Or when he doesn't listen for the 4th or 5th time and we stop saying please and just "command" him to get his butt in gear and do what ever it is he is being asked to do, he in turn uses the same words and tones for someone to get him something to eat or drink which sounds really bad especially when we are out in public! Then add to that a really frustrated parent who is sick and tired of asking the boys time and time again to do something, then comes the raised voices, with some added swear words...Hunter (the parrot) then uses the same tone and words "someone needs to get me my damn sippy and I mean now" doesn't really go over well with anyone!! So hopefully being integrated with more socially able kids he will learn a lot.
Samuel is starting to potty train and Michael actually got him to poop in the potty last night!! Hooray! I know TMI but that's what my life revolves around! I'm really hoping by the end of summer he will be completely out of diapers and ready for preschool come September! He will be attending a parents day out program on Tues and Thurs from 9:30am to 2:30pm and I am looking forward to getting errands done with only one kid in tow rather than two or three!!

My running/exercising is coming along well, I finally finished a 5k with out a walking break on Monday, so now it's all about picking up my speed and shaving some time off of that run. It took me a little over 33 minutes to finish but the point is I did it! 12 weeks ago when I started back to exercising I could only run 2 minutes out of 30 minutes and that was at a very slow speed. So I'm pretty excited to finally get a whole 5k in with out stopping to walk and catch my breath!!

Michael's actually thinking about participating in a 1/2 marathon this weekend (that's 13 miles!) I know he can do it but he is always so doubtful of his abilities. I'll let you know what happens with all that.
We have had so much rain our gardens haven't had much sunshine to grow, but they have still been doing great. This weekend will be 5 weeks since planting and we are already pulling radishes, there only shooter marble sized, but we have to thin out the patch to let the others grow bigger. They are still tasty none the less. Hunter and Samuel are really enjoying tasting the garden, I think seeing it grow in their own back yard makes trying new veggies a more positive experience rather than forcing it on them. YEAH we planted brussel sprouts, maybe they will get a taste for these green vitamins, I know as a child I was forced to sit at the dinner table by myself for hours until I ate my brussel sprouts eeuuwww! I got over that as I have aged and found my taste buds changing, just try getting my mother to eat mushrooms....come on Mom grow up already! HAHAHA
Well that is all for now.