Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake time

So last week we went to the lake, it is FINALLY warm enough to enjoy ourselves out on the boat. Just before we left the weatherman said out of the last 5 weekends (10 days) 8 days were raining!! So for the past month we have been stuck in the house on the weekends.

We found a deal on a nice pontoon boat a while ago so we got to break it in and boy was it fun to have some room to roam. The fishing boat was getting quite cramped for all 5 of us to enjoy and now that the big boys are really fishing with actual hooks, it's a little safer with the bigger boat too.

Of course can't be with out the cell phone in case a rig hand needs help!! HAHAHA it was just my Dad seeing if Michael was working. When he found out it was my Dad he said hey Leo, hang on just a minute I got a fish on the was too funny. Guess you had to be there.

Oh and check out where Michael's sittin and got his feet propped up, all those seats (4 in all) fold out and make a huge bed, there's a spot in the middle where a table sets up and the opposite corner from where Gabe is standing a grill goes too!! We could actually camp over night on this thing!! Don't worry it's got a sink and a porta potty with a little dressing room that you can put up too. Who knew they put all that on a pontoon boat, I mean it's not a house boat but sure could be. And it's got a working radio we were chillin with some tunes and soda soakin up the sun.

Yep it got hot on the boat and the boys went for a swim. Gabe got in but just for a moment he needs it a little warmer like I do!
Shortly after the boys got out of the water a big snake swam by and I screamed like a girl! It's behind the bush, wish I would have got a picture as it was swimming.

Posted by PicasaAnd we've got some fox (the neighbor says there's 5 of them) living near the house too. This one was playing with a dead mouse or something. I guess I won't bother them if they are killing the mice. But we were sure to stress to the boys NOT to go near them. Unfortunately the fox are not timid around humans, but were not too friendly either. They never came into our yard just the people across the street which is just fine with me.
We're headed to the lake tomorrow for Memorial weekend if I get any good pictures I'll be sure to post.

Professional Spring pictures 2010

Well here are those awesome pictures I said I would post and I just got them in my hands only 15 minutes ago!! Yeah for me gitner done!!

My boys are so cute, sorry just a little bias! (is that the right spelling? I know if I'm sewing I would use that but is it spelled different when your "leaning in favor of?") Hehehe I'm kind of a spelling nut just ask my husband, I can't get a single page of anything typed in less than an hour because of all my editing and he constantly asks me "how do you spell" but then again I did pretty much get him through his college English classes by staying up late doing HIS papers!! Oh well, when I go back to college he can help me with my math because I really suck at that!

I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I am!

This one's my favorite!!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Nominated again for 2010!!

Yep I did it I am once again nominated for WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR!! But this year I made a different category: worst accidents caused by my mother.

Here is Gabriel getting his first hair cut!! My other boys had so much hair they both made it to 9 months and had to get a hair cut, this little guy had very little hair but he wasn't bald so we got to wait till 16.5 months. He didn't care for getting his hair cut but the sucker seemed to help.

It has been a year since my last hair cut since I've been trying to grow it out from my very short cut back when I was pregnant with Gabe so I decided that since it was just me and Gabe I would get a trim. I always bring my own booster seat to the hair place so I don't have to sit and hold the kids and get all hairy and I can take pictures too, so I just moved Gabe over near the seat I was going to be at not bothering to strap the booster into the stylists seat and sure enough he threw a big fit and flipped himself with the chair on top of him smack onto the hard floor causing major blood and wailing. We drove away a few customers from all the commotion and got a free hair cut to boot, although my hair didn't get cut for a couple more weeks.

So there you have it the damage I caused my son and my first visit to an ER, amazingly enough since I have 3 boys!! Maybe I should just start a tab at the hospital because I'm quite certain that won't be the last time I'm there for an ER visit. Although I really hope it is!!

No broken nose and no lost teeth, luckily the tooth didn't go through the lip just cut it. He was in good spirits once I got him calmed down.
Gosh I still feel so horrible seeing these pictures!

Spring pictures

Samuel playing in the fountain at the Tulsa Rose Gardens

The little girl in the back ground had picked a rose and upon walking by the fountain she threw it in!! I PROMISE you I am no photographer and I have no clue as to image enhancing software stuff, sometimes I do click on the "auto fix" button but other than that I don't really mess around with that stuff! I just saw this and took a picture and it turned out like a screen saver or something!! It's so pretty.

Here are some pictures during our photo session with my friend Oliva, I'll post the awesome pictures she took when I get them.

Clowning around

Had to get Popsicles from the ice cream truck! And yes this is AFTER the real photos were taken and yes I did get all the stains out of those white outfits believe it or not!

Too cute!

Gardening 101 (more like 2010)

I say more like 2010 only because 101 is for learning and more than likely you won't learn anything from us except what not to do!!

Last year our garden was good, the year before that it was okay, but I'm hoping this year will be great! While preparing our beds this year a couple of weeks before Easter (those in Colorado yes it's okay to be jealous, the growing season here is just so much better but then again we have to deal with heat, humidity and weird & nasty bugs all the time) Michael found the following: see pictures below.

What is that?

It's a CARROT!! I guess a seed got lodged in between the bricks and never got noticed till it was pushing the bricks apart. It grew there all winter long! It was HUGE and how fun to find such a treasure after such a long cold winter. No we didn't eat it but it did go into our new compost bin.

How does one prepare raised beds, we don't have one of those mantis tillers which would really work great in these small beds but I can't see spending the money and those garden claws are really expensive too so Michael welded one up from some scraps and it may not be the real claw but it works GREAT!! I love having such a handy man around!

We have some onions still growing from last year, but for some reason my garlic never came up!!

Gabriel is checking out the pea trellis, we already have some almost ready to pick can you believe it and we've been eating fresh radishes for a couple of weeks now. I just LOVE radishes.

Some seedlings we planted back in Feb.

We are going to try our hand at composting this year. The city of Tulsa is trying to get more people to recycle and were selling compost bins for a fraction of the actual cost of one so we decided to get one. I'll spare you and myself for that matter on the contents of the bin who wants pictures of that, seriously!! But I did find out you can put your dryer lint in the compost! I have a tub in my laundry that I fill with my dryer lint and have been wondering what I could possibly do with all that lint....tah dah, it's been waiting all this time for the compost. Although now I have no lint since I got my new laundry line up. Gee whiz trying to be more "green" or country as we grew up knowing about these things a while back is so fun.

Yep Still Crafting!

My model for my first pillow case dress did not want to take off his cowboy boots or pants but I really wanted a picture of this cute thing. I made it for Michael's, sister's little girl Kyla for her birthday and she said she liked the colors green and purple, which I thought was going to be SO hard to find material with those colors but look how cute the material is, and I found matching polka dot ribbon for trim and ties too! Great choice of colors Kyla. I wanted the eyelet lace to be on top and let just a smidge of the purple hang below but I messed up and just went with it so it kinda hangs like a bell with all that material underneath, oh well!! For my first one I thought it turned out okay. I hope Kyla likes it most of all.

I found this cute Easter fabric on clearance at the quilt store so I added a strip to a tea towel and it turned out so cute I have about a yard and a half left and don't know what to do with it. It's not something you can really cut up to use in a quilt because it's already kinda cut up so to speak. I was considering just making a table runner out of the whole fabric but am not totally sold on that idea, any suggestions would be appreciated. I also have some Valentines, Halloween and Christmas fabric to do this same thing with the tea towels (because I like to decorate for the holidays) but I would like to try my hand at reverse applique on one of these. If I ever get around to doing that I will post those pictures.

I finally finished the other two quilts for my friend with the triplets and got those sent to her just this week (and surprised her) just in time for their first birthdays!! I appliqued their names on each quilt Jesse (only to find out later it's Jessy) and Jett!! Oh well, I'll bring the "Y" down when we come for 4th of July and fix it for her.

This was so cute, I didn't posed the boys for this picture they just all crawled up in my chair and were loving on each other. I love that they can be so sweet to each other. I hope they will always be kind to one another.

Here are some more of my diaper clutches and wipe holders. All of which I gave to friends!

A girl version of the tag blankie, my friend Brenda commissioned me to do this for her baby after seeing the one I made for Gabe. It turned out great with the matching heart edge and I did brown thread on top and pink thread in my bobbin so that it would show up on the opposite color fabric.

Due to all my sewing adventures for myself and gifts for my friends several people have asked me to make them items to give as gifts themselves as well as do some mending and other sewing. So I have started up a little bitty business. (not really enough to make money at but give me some spending cash here and there) ?Sew What? is what I named it and I've already had 2 customers! It's fun and I hope I don't get too busy so that I can still do my own projects but for now it's all fun. Thank you friends for your belief in my abilities to help you out. I would like to get the word out like on Face Book with my own "business page" but I'm a little scared that I might get overwhelmed with the work. I really hate to be tied down to things. Suggestions?


Okay my computer picture downloading software has not been good to me so that is why no blogging and no pictures. Luckily during some serious decluttering and organizing I found my original software that came with my camera so now I can easily download pictures and blog about them!! I promise no more slacking!! HAHAHAHAHA

The boys in their dressy t-shirts I made them!! I've seen these types of shirts all over OK at the different craft shows and vowed to make some for my boys...don't you just hate going to craft shows just to get ideas and never find the time to make them!! I also can't stand to pay someone money for something I can make for much cheaper, although sometimes if I know I won't make it because of the amount of time or materials I'll go ahead and break down and spend the money but that's rare for me.

Any who it's warm here in Oklahoma but still a little windy at times but I can't say I mind because it's helping to keep the air much dryer here and helping my clothes dry out on my new clothes line quickly too!!

Easter morning

Some high lights over the past couple of months:

We have OFFICIALLY yep I'm gonna say it out loud to everyone, finished potty training!!! Even at night, yeah we still get an accident here and there when Sam's so tired he just sleeps through it all but for the most part he stays dry and clean every day!!! No we haven't moved the potty chair out and I asked him about it the other day, he said no not yet!

Hunter is excited to be almost done with school but not so excited about going on to first grade, he says "but I wanna be a preschooler mommy!" Apparently Kindergarten is too hard and first grade is definitely too hard!!! ARGGG I'm not looking forward to home work with this one if I can barely get him to go to school. I'm thinking about homeschooling AHHHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right I don't think anyone in this family would live through that, just sign me up for the mental institution.

Gabriel is about to turn 17 months almost a year and a half old already! He is so much fun to be around but can also be so dang ornery!! He is quite expressive with his face so you can definitely tell how he's feeling and as of this week we are pacifier and bottle free!! I made the decision after many nights of him waking me up and nothing but sleeping with him would settle him down, too many nights of disturbed sleep and I said for what!! So lets just do this, needless to say since I (yes I said I because I think those things were for me not him really) made the break we have both been sleeping much better!!

Michael is moving back to the San Juan basin at work (he's been in the Barnett Shale or Fort Worth group for the past 6 months for training on drilling operations) he begins next week which means we will get to visit our family and friends more frequently since business will take, mostly him to the Four Corners area, but occasionally the rest of us will get to tag along too. YEAH!

Easter was nice the weather was so beautiful here which has been a change from more recent Easters, I think because this year it was later than previous years. Gabriel came down with a fever and was throwing up the night before, so he and I ended up staying home while Michael took the big boys to church. That was sad that we all didn't get to go to church but Gabe was feeling better by the time he was finished with his morning nap. So no family pictures in our matching outfits, although I did get Gabe dressed up after lunch and took pictures of the boys.