Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 weeks of insanity!

Sitting up

grand parents, Mom, aunt Rebecca, cousin Sara, sister and our kids

Chillaxin at the pool

Grandma with the baby

Grandpa with the great grandsons

Well for the past (almost) 3 weeks I have had the boys almost completely on my own. Michael went out of town for work in Durango/Aztec/Farmington the evening of May 19th (on the corporate jet, which I hear is really the only way to fly) his trip coincidentally took place during the annual API golf tournament in Farmington. Michael was scheduled on a 4 person team but I guess work got overwhelming and he was unable to participate. I guess work really got the best of him and he wasn't even able to go fishing with my Dad, which he was pretty disappointed about (my Dad that is, but was able to call up another fishing buddy to fill in).

Meanwhile, Hunter's last day of school was the 22nd, well actually it was the 26th but I couldn't see him having a 4 day weekend only to go back to school for 1 day, too confusing for the poor kid. He was so excited about NO MORE SCHOOL, he didn't quite comprehend and the first 5 days he kept asking every morning do I have school today? Luckily over Memorial weekend a friend of mine invited me and the boys along with a few other families over for a bar-b-q and we had a great time.

I had so much planned for my time with the boys that included mastering potty training with Samuel, re caulking the master bathroom, painting the boys bathroom and or Hunter's (old)bedroom since the boys are sharing a room now and maybe even some landscaping in the front yard. Alas my common sense said halt once I finished the bathroom and was headed down a dark and dreary road with the potty training!!

Michael's return trip was scheduled for the 31st and my grandparents were making a long and weary trip from Georgia to Brady, TX (one last time) to visit some friends on the 29th. When my mother herd of their plans she planned a trip to my sister's (in Abilene, TX only a 3 or 4 hr trip from Brady) so that they could travel together to see my grandparents. Since I didn't have anything else going on and Michael was going to be gone another 4 days so I decided I would take the boys to visit as well since my sister and her family hadn't met Gabriel and my grandparents hadn't met Samuel or Gabriel. So on Thursday the 28th I packed up and me the boys headed to Texas. It was a good drive even though I put the potty training on hold, I couldn't imagine trying to clean all those underwear and shorts while traveling or my 2 year old actually saying he needs to potty while in his car seat watching movies, plus my sister has new carpet in her house and I just couldn't do that to her!! But we did the next best thing, popped in a DVD all about going potty on the toilet!! So the entire 6 hour drive to Abilene we watched that DVD over and over until Sam finally fell asleep (maybe only 4 hrs of awake time). I'll give more details about the trip in another post.
Can you believe it, Gabriel will be 6 months old TOMORROW!! and Michael turns 32 also, holy cow where does the time go, we met and started dating when he was only 20 and our 10 year anniversary is next month too!! YIKES has it really been that long?!
Gabriel is sitting up on his own now but can't get himself into that position just yet. He's also rolling over independantly to and from either side and is scooting himself backwards when on his belly too. It is so scary how fast they grow up. Since he is our last I'm trying hard to savor every moment, but some moments are more trying than others and are more easily rushed through. Like the every 3 or 4 hour feedings in the middle of the night!! I have completely weaned him to a bottle during our trip and am feeling more than a bit guilty about it but at the same time it gives me much more freedom to get out of the house every now and then too. Which I find myself needing more and more these days, is this just from the 18 days of constantly being with them or just being a stay at home mom and the more kids you have the more "me" time one seems to need in order to feel like an adult with their own interests and needs to be met?