Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starting Out

Gabriel Michael Andrews

Okay, I've been keeping tabs on my cousins and their family blogs for the last year or so and now that I am sort of in the know and have a new baby with lots of family and friends that don't live nearby I wanted to be able to share the going-ons and new photos of all the boys on a more personal level than facebook or my space. Especially since most of my family isn't on either of those.

Two big THANKS go out to Cassy and Melissa for starting their blogs and letting me get to know their families since we don't get to see each other except at an occational wedding and/or funeral!!

Things have gone by so fast these last few months with.....Elections, Thanksgiving, a visit from my folks, Hunter's tonselectomy, Michael's mother coming to help w/the boys, Michael's surgery, having a baby, Christmas, along with a visit from my brother and his family, the New Year and now Tax returns!! And yes, the baby is already a month old!!! I have yet to even send out baby announcements and because of the plan to do so I didn't send Christmas or New Year's cards because of all that was going on. I have all the stuff to make such cute announcements (which I have to make even if he is 6 months old before I get them sent, because I hand made 40+ announcements for both Hunter's and Samuel's births) but with 3 boys home most of the day (Hunter is in school 1/2 a day) I can barely get my normal work around the house done let alone get some crafting done. I have a quilt top ready to be basted and quilted together, along with scrapbooking which I am SO behind on it's not even funny!! Then there is keeping up with taking photos both candid and posed. So what am I thinking starting a blog!!! I don't know but at least I will get some pictures out to family and friends since I'm not so good about that.

I hope all of you who read, enjoy this blog and keep tabs on the family so you can see the boys grow, because they are getting so big so very fast.

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  1. Yeah you are finally in the blogging world now!!!I didn't know you had your baby allready?!He is ADORABLE!We just found out we are expecting again, hopefully all goes well this time around!Keep posting pics, its such an awesome way to stay in touch!