Friday, February 13, 2009

2 months old

Well Gabriel turned two months yesterday!! I still can't get over how quickly he is growing. I will post some pictures as soon as I get a minute to download them. Baby Gabey as I've come to call him, had his first check up yesterday. He is 23 1/2" long (almost 2 feet at 2 months) 75% and weighs 9lbs 13oz only 10% so he is already having a build like Michael and Hunter tall and thin!!

I have almost finished the announcements and am currently addressing the envelopes. Just yesterday as I was putting the finishing touches on them all I realized that I had forgotten to put his name anywhere on the announcement!! I guess that's what happens when you get old and have 3 kids. I'm just lucky to be getting announcements out at all, but I really had to since I made hand made announcements for the other boys. I guess later is better than never.

On another note, a friend of mine bought me the first book in the Twilight series. I usually try to avoid main stream anything (books, movies, fads, fashion, etc) with the exception to electronics because those things don't define who I am. I am unique, different and a rebel. Any who, I didn't have any books left in my haven't read stash and began reading this book (my Dad commented unapprovingly, you have time to read with 3 kids?), I read when I am feeding the baby (a little more stimulating than just watching TV). Well during this mornings feeding I got to the part where Edward has just saved Bella from the thugs in Port Angeles and they are in her drive way he says, "do me a favor Bella, don't go into the woods alone"......RING RING RING my phone with this horrible ring tone to signal my Dad is calling starts up and SCARED ME TO DEATH!!! This same friend who gave me the book had text messaged me a ring tone labeled psychosis and it's like in the scary movies when the victim is about to get hurt (reh, reh, reh, high pitched squelches) at least I didn't have that ring tone on!! YIKES.

Okay so back to the boys... sorry I'm all over the place Michael's been out of town all week and I think the sleep deprivation has caught up to me. He usually takes care of the big boys when they wake at night so that I can get some sleep between feedings, so sweet huh! Good thing Hunter has only half day school and goes in the afternoons other wise he would have missed the bus all week. Gabriel has had some trouble with his BM's for two weeks and the doctor advised 2oz of warm water with a tablespoon of Karo syrup, I was skeptical about this remedy but went ahead with the plan and gave him a bottle last night. At 10am this morning we had a blow out, I'm just wondering does this work on big kids too?

No plans for the long weekend (kids are out Friday and Monday for Presidents day and Teacher planning) or Valentines day either. Michael says it's a made up holiday just to get people to spend their money, but I think he's just too cheap. Heck every day should be Valentines day, aren't I worth fine chocolates, diamonds, beautiful flowers, mani's and pedi's, facials and messages too?!! HAHAHAHA that would be the life, but soon would get boring too.

Well that is all that is on my mind right now. Will get those pictures posted soon!


  1. I LOVE Twilight.I made fun of my mom at first over the books, but you sure do get hooked very fast.So glad things are going well with you all.Also we had to give Caden the Caro syrup stuff too.We used the dark caro syrup I do believe.I think at times it would help!

  2. Hey there! Just found your blog, your kids are precious. I too was over taken by Twilight. I read them all within a month & a half. I was crazy reading my husband said. HA HA