Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awaiting a visit from the Beemans

Hunter helping keep the baby quiet

Samuel giving Gabriel his first bottle

Well not much has been going on here in Oklahoma. The weather is so wishy washy with spring arriving that one day it will be 70' and very windy the next day it won't get past 40' with very little wind. It stinks because the boys stay inside ALL the time and are bored to death and start bugging me and each other trying to drive me insane! I'm so ready for warm weather, so we can all get our daily dose of vitamin D.

My eight weeks of rest post c-section has expired and I am now back at the gym trying to lose all this extra weight. It's amazing what 9 months and 50 lbs can do to a body, prior to finding out I was expecting I was training to run in my first 5K race. I was actually up to running 4 miles every-other day. It finally dawned on me why I was wiped out the entire rest of the day after I exercised...duh!! So to be fair to the boys (and not sleep all day or just lay around while they tore up the place) I decided I would put working out on the back burner until now! So I will be trying again to get up to running a 5K, maybe by October I'll be ready for the annual Tulsa Zoo run. Michael ran that race last year only he did the 10K, he's so awesome!

Oh as for the visit, my folks are coming down later this week!! AWESOME!! Michael and my Dad are going on their annual, week long Red Fish, fishing trip to Louisiana, while mom and I hang out and go shopping. Once they return we'll all have a week to spend together and then it will be spring break for Hunter so we are all headed back to Durango together!! I'm hoping to get in a quick snow boarding trip to Wolf Creek and hot tubbing at the hot springs in Pagosa after busting my butt on the slopes! My old aching body will need the healing waters and maybe a message too! Although I would much rather be in Florida or Mexico soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach, I guess seeing some family and friends along with some free time (without the kids) will be very nice too!!

Looking forward to our Durango trip March 14 - 20, clear your schedules!!

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  1. how cute are your boys!Sounds like you got a lot of help.How fun that your parents are coming down and you get to spend all that time together.Hope you have fun!And I didn't know your a C-section mommy too?!