Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aniversary and Kindergarten

Well, as I have said before it looks like all I'm having time to update this thing is monthly so here goes on the happenings in "T" town... A few weeks ago Michael and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Our babysitter got a real job at the local Olive Garden and since she's new she works the weekend night shift, kinda puts the kibosh on our date nights for now, but the whole family got in on the celebration and we all went to Oklahoma City to the botanical gardens and the zoo, the boys really enjoyed it and we were all really tired by the time we were done and headed back to Tulsa.We stopped in Tulsa before heading home and ate at Copeland's (a Cajun restaurant) and enjoyed a nice dinner, since the boys were so tired we didn't have to scarf down the meal to keep them from tearing the place apart and Samuel actually slept across a couple of chairs while the rest of us ate. WOW, 10 years! Where has the time gone it doesn't seem like that long ago we were having our wedding and now we have been through buying a place, Michael getting hired by Williams, I quit my job at the airport, we built a house, moved to Tulsa, bought another house, Michael went to school, we had a kid, and then another, Michael finished school and got a promotion, we had a third kid and now our oldest just headed off to his first day of Kindergarten this morning!! It's bitter sweet, and I didn't cry...okay so yesterday I did but not today. I think I was more anxious about Hunter starting full day school because I could not sleep, after much laundry (washing, drying and folding) I finally got to bed at midnight and then couldn't fall asleep till well after 1am, then I woke at 6am when Michael headed to the "Y" for a work out.
Yesterday we got to go to the school and bring supplies by while we met with his teachers and bought his lunch tickets too! My goodness Hunter was so excited this morning as were Michael and I. He insisted on wearing his backpack while eating breakfast and as we waited for the bus to our amazement it was a regular bus picking him up instead of his usual special ed bus. Hunter was so excited he didn't want to stop for pictures (I know, I know...but he'll never ever have another first day of Kindergarten and on a regular bus of all things!) There were 3 other little boys on the bus already and Hunter went straight to the back to sit with them all and it looked like they were all comparing their cool new back packs and how cool they were to sit in the back like big boys!! It should be exciting to hear how his day went and see him get off the bus too, I'll post when I hear more!! I'm also anxious to hear how lunch went, how they get 30 kindergartners (and that's just one class) to the lunch room, fed and cleaned up in 25 minutes should be interesting to see!! One of these days I'll get someone to watch the little guys while I have lunch at school with Hunter, is that too corny? Oh and Hunter has been doing fairly well without his medication this summer so we are trying out school with out his medication also. We have given a heads up to his teachers so that if he's not having success in class we will have to start him back up on his meds but at least we are giving it a shot. He didn't gain much weight even being off his meds this summer and I hate for him to have no appetite while he's at school and needs his brain food so much (when he doesn't feel like eating we tell him even if he's not hungry he still needs to eat so his brain can think, brain food) usually that helps to get him to eat something but if we're not there to monitor what he's eating he probably won't eat at all.
On the other hand it has been very quiet around here with out Hunter stirring things up and making everyone (including me) cry!! And in a couple more weeks it will be even more quiet around here since Samuel will start a parents day out program 2 days a week, Tues and Thurs from 9:30am - 2:30pm, how much cleaning, painting, and sewing can one person get done with just a baby around?! We shall see, I may be too busy shopping and napping to get all that other stuff done!! I will also post when Sam has his first day of preschool too!!
Sorry to say my computer and camera are still not cooperating so when you get some time check out my Face Book photo albums since occasionally I get on my regular computer to post many of my pictures all at once rather than just a few here and there!
Gabriel is growing so fast, he just turned 8 months old and is growing so quickly he's already in 12 month clothes. I just had some pictures taken so when I get those back I'll try to post those as well. As soon as Gabe conquered the crawling basics he was quickly pulling up and now he crawls only to get to the next piece of furniture so he can cruise along as far as it will take him. I'm thinking he may walk earlier than 1 year YIKES!!! He has also found my Tupperware and dishrags so I'm constantly picking up things in the kitchen and ever so often getting a stuck hand out of a drawer too. It has been a difficult task for the boys to keep things off the floor, and since Gabe is so mobile and puts everything he gets his little hands on in his mouth we are finding lots of stuff being chewed up!! Oh well, this shall also pass.
Hope you all are doing well, and keep in touch too!

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