Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay like always I haven't been so good about blogging but I just don't have the time!! So Sorry, but I have all of 3 followers so I guess no one really reads this stuff any who (hint hint, sign up as a follower).

I reciently received a brand new "Busy Mom's NIV Bible" from Zondervan for FREE!! Since it was free I need to write a review on it to share with my peeps!! I've never "reviewed" anything before so bare with me.

First off usually something that is free (especially samples) take FOREVER to ever get to me but this came in less than a week, I was floored how quickly I received this HUGE ($20 at Mardel's) freebie. Upon opening the box, just the colors of the soft and can't-keep-your-hands-off Italian leather are amazing! I've never owned an NIV version of the Bible, my parents have stressed the importance of the KJV so have always had that on hand and nothing else. It is a little easier to read than the KJV but I usually cross reference just because you never know how you may interpret one writing or the other. I Love the special busy mom's pages through out this bible, 1) they are made of different kind of paper so they are easy to locate thus saving serious time, 2) They have neat 1 minute thought starters, you know a busy mom doesn't have much time so it just gives you something to think about through out the day. 3) if you have more time on hand then there are 5 minute and 10 minute reflections and study's that you can look through and read that are related to the 1 minute thought starters. So say this morning I woke up before the boys and was able to read the 1 minute thought starter just before the baby woke up crying. In the car while wating for Pre-school to let out tomorrow I could squeeze in 5 minutes to read the reflection about the 1 minute thought starter that I read today and Friday while waiting for my baby to come out of surgery I can definitely fit in the 10 minute Bible study that ties all of these together!! Too busy to read the Bible now? I think NOT!!!

Thanks Zondervan for the new Bible, I've been telling all my friends about it and showing it off because it's so pretty too!!

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