Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quick post w/o pictures

Okay so not much happened in February with our family so that is why no posts. I don't think I took a whole lot of pictures either but when I get the time to download a few I will post them and blog some more!
Hunter's best friend Emma moved away at the end of February. They shared going to and from the Delayed Development Kindergarten and the Regular Kindergarten so they definitely had a special bond. Michael says I'm probably more devastated than Hunter is about her moving which is probably true. Mainly because Hunter has a hard time making friends and she accepted Hunter for who he was even if he is a little different. I keep telling myself that someday they will reunite when the time is right!!
Samuel had some set backs with his potty training. We had a pizza party at our house with several of my MOMS Club friends and their husbands and kids way back in December. Since our guest bathroom is so cramped as it is I took Samuel's potty chair out since he was using the big toilet now. Of course this sent him into a what do I do now phase and he started pottying in his pants again!! Even though I brought the potty chair back ASAP. So finally after months of working with him and his refusals to go on the potty at all. I got really angry and screamed at him that if he didn't use the bathroom on the potty that he would get a spanking every time he pottied in his pants or pull ups!! Well that did it and after just a few accidents (no I didn't spank him, he was at least trying now) we are once again potty trained!! YEAH!! Lesson learned: don't take the potty chair out till the child is ready even if they aren't using it.
Gabriel has learned to pull himself up onto chairs and go up and down the stairs safely! Huge moment when, for the last time I will be able to leave things out on counters, tables and such places that baby can pull a chair up to (yes he is pulling chairs around the house already!!) and get into things like markers, chap stick, lotion, etc! And NO MORE baby gates around the house or toys down stairs (okay that last one is a dream but intentions are well meaning). It's nice not to have to lift guest children over the baby gate all the time, my boys are pros at hoisting themselves over it. And finally I was able to move ALL the toys upstairs so that all three boys could be together when they play even though all they seem to do is get everything out and play with none of it!!
I'm still sewing although the last couple of weeks I've taken a huge break! I guess I over did it a little. But hope still runs high that I will complete the many projects that I have started or have bought fabric for, it may not be till 2020 but hey I have a goal and intend to keep SEWING!!

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