Friday, April 3, 2009

Ethan & Samuel enjoying dinner

Samuel being the "Bad Guy"

Gabriel's first long distance trip!

Gabriel's new bed

Current quilt in progress, although I have more pictures just havent been able to download any of them yet. Pattern called "Turning Twenty" Uses 20 fat quarters.

Okay I've been really busy since my parents visit, Michael and Dad going to Louisiana fishing, their return, Samuel going with my parents to visit my sister in Texas and our trip to Durango. Lot's of things happened in that 3 weeks and I'm still trying to recover and get ready for, planting and more cleaning!! So I'm sure I'll have to break this up into 2 or 3 posts!! Don't want to bore anyone...too late I'm sure.

Well My parent's visit was great as usual, Michael and Dad got anxious to go fishing and left a day early, which was fine by Mom and I, gives us more time to go shopping. Although Shopping would be so much more fun not toting around a cranky 2 yr old and a hungry 3 month old!! And we always had to wait till after Hunter's school bus picked him up at noon and had to be back by 3:45pm to meet his bus also, not much fun when your always pressed for time either. One day we almost didn't make it back in time..oops! But we both decided to try our hands at using fabric Jelly Rolls (google it if your not sure what that is) although we didn't get anything made while we were together I am quite antsy to dive into my stash of new fabrics, but I have to get my other quilt binded (is that a word?) first.

Michael and Dad had a good time fishing, they brought back lots of Red Fish, Salt Water Trout and even a Flounder.
After the guys returned my parents decided to go visit my sister and her kids for a short while and bravely decided to ask if Samuel could go with them. Michael and I debated whether this would be okay or not, Hunter went with my folks to Colorado for almost two weeks just before his 2nd birthday but with his PDD he didn't know this was a scary thing, so we thought the pros out weighed the cons and let Samuel go. He did great and had an awesome time with Katherine, Ray, Evie and Ethan. I don't think they wanted to give him back they were having so much fun with him.

While Samuel was gone I got a lot done on my quilt and some cleaning/organizing done too. We also moved Samuel's crib out (he has refused to sleep in a big boy bed while his crib was in the same room) and since Gabe was in our room in a bassinet and quickly out growing it we jumped on the opportunity. Hoping upon Sam's return he would adjust quickly without a crib to crawl back into! Gabe is still in our room, we don't trust Samuel enough to stay out of the crib with the baby in it. But Samuel has adjusted to his new bed very nicely and so has Gabriel!! I'll get a picture of Samuel's new bed posted soon.

Well it's getting late so I'll do another post on our Spring Break trip later.

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  1. Adorable pictures of the boys! :) I love the quilt you are working on! So nice! How exciting to have some new jelly rolls to work with! I am excited to see what you come up with! :)