Friday, May 7, 2010


Okay my computer picture downloading software has not been good to me so that is why no blogging and no pictures. Luckily during some serious decluttering and organizing I found my original software that came with my camera so now I can easily download pictures and blog about them!! I promise no more slacking!! HAHAHAHAHA

The boys in their dressy t-shirts I made them!! I've seen these types of shirts all over OK at the different craft shows and vowed to make some for my boys...don't you just hate going to craft shows just to get ideas and never find the time to make them!! I also can't stand to pay someone money for something I can make for much cheaper, although sometimes if I know I won't make it because of the amount of time or materials I'll go ahead and break down and spend the money but that's rare for me.

Any who it's warm here in Oklahoma but still a little windy at times but I can't say I mind because it's helping to keep the air much dryer here and helping my clothes dry out on my new clothes line quickly too!!

Easter morning

Some high lights over the past couple of months:

We have OFFICIALLY yep I'm gonna say it out loud to everyone, finished potty training!!! Even at night, yeah we still get an accident here and there when Sam's so tired he just sleeps through it all but for the most part he stays dry and clean every day!!! No we haven't moved the potty chair out and I asked him about it the other day, he said no not yet!

Hunter is excited to be almost done with school but not so excited about going on to first grade, he says "but I wanna be a preschooler mommy!" Apparently Kindergarten is too hard and first grade is definitely too hard!!! ARGGG I'm not looking forward to home work with this one if I can barely get him to go to school. I'm thinking about homeschooling AHHHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right I don't think anyone in this family would live through that, just sign me up for the mental institution.

Gabriel is about to turn 17 months almost a year and a half old already! He is so much fun to be around but can also be so dang ornery!! He is quite expressive with his face so you can definitely tell how he's feeling and as of this week we are pacifier and bottle free!! I made the decision after many nights of him waking me up and nothing but sleeping with him would settle him down, too many nights of disturbed sleep and I said for what!! So lets just do this, needless to say since I (yes I said I because I think those things were for me not him really) made the break we have both been sleeping much better!!

Michael is moving back to the San Juan basin at work (he's been in the Barnett Shale or Fort Worth group for the past 6 months for training on drilling operations) he begins next week which means we will get to visit our family and friends more frequently since business will take, mostly him to the Four Corners area, but occasionally the rest of us will get to tag along too. YEAH!

Easter was nice the weather was so beautiful here which has been a change from more recent Easters, I think because this year it was later than previous years. Gabriel came down with a fever and was throwing up the night before, so he and I ended up staying home while Michael took the big boys to church. That was sad that we all didn't get to go to church but Gabe was feeling better by the time he was finished with his morning nap. So no family pictures in our matching outfits, although I did get Gabe dressed up after lunch and took pictures of the boys.

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