Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Quilting

Well it's been a while since I have quilted or pieced anything resembling a blanket lately but I finally picked up last years quilt class project (One Block Wonder) that I took for my birthday and added 14 blocks to it!! Although most of that time was spent unsewing those lovely triangles I show a picture of. Each of those triangles is a set of two sewn together and chain stitched to save time!! HAHAHAHA save time my WHAT!! Oh well, the book doesn't give a lot of detail of finishing the quilt, just make your blocks and keep making them till you have the size you want. Not one to want to waste too much time on making blocks I had measure the bed it was going to be on add all the borders and such and do all the math that goes into figuring out the size of quilt I wanted so 48 blocks down 28 to go!! At this rate maybe I'll be done by summer 2012.

I did get a little craft doohickey done along the way, it's for the back of a car seat so the kids can put coloring books, toys, markers (found that crayons melt in a hot car, I know I wonder myself how I get through the day with three kids still alive at the end of the day)and drinks and other junk in all the cool pockets but for some reason all that crap still ends up on the floor!! So much for my great idea in keeping the car clean and organized!! I bought enough fabric to make three and after getting this one done and put in place only to find out he's not really using it I'm really not wanting to make the other two! Maybe it's just him (Samuel) he's my messy boy and when it comes time to help pick up you'll find him working harder to avoid doing any of the work where as Hunter is a MASTER at picking up and Gabe even helps some. So maybe I should go ahead and make another for Hunter and see how he uses it. He won't use this one it's Spiderman and he is SO OVER Spiderman, he asked for Mario Brothers but I have yet to find any kind of fabric with them on it. Can I be in charge of new fabric lines for boys, cuz the pickins on boy fabrics really stink!! Even if you make a mostly blue or green quilt it will have some kind of flower material in it!!! And what isn't flowers is for baby boys!! Come on people get with it, boys, guys and men like quilts too, just not all flowery. Okay rant is over moving on!

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