Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden is GOOD!

Tomatoes getting ready and my cool onion!

Here are some of the awesome goodies we have been enjoying lately from our garden! Our Peas this year did awesome since we planted 3x's as much and a little earlier finding out from last year that they don't do well in this heat. So many more plants are needed in order to harvest enough for everyone to enjoy! We had so many the boys would actually sit and watch cartoons while eating them raw! What a great snack and so healthy too.
My yellow squash (as I had labeled in my growing tray) turned out to be zucchini so now I have WAY too many zucchini plants and will have to get rid of some. But they are producing really well just too well and taking over half of the garden.
We are done with the radishes and turnips as well, didn't get any turnip greens something got to those before they were ready!

We've got tons of green beans and have enjoyed plenty of spinach (while it was still relatively cool) now were ready for the tomatoes, peppers and okra to start ripening. I can't wait to make brushetta!!

Just had to add pictures of my new grill it's like a Cadillac compared to our old grill which took some of my hair off (huge flame ball singe me as I opened it one day) then some birds decided to make it their home and bring in some nesting supplies!! I finally got Michael to pick up a new one after I asked some friends over for burgers on the barbie!! And Gabe after I unpacked from the lake! He loves hats and got into the hat box as well as the tub to get his fishing pole and I swear I didn't set this up he just pulled the suitcase out and sat in it while he was fishing!! I snapped a couple of pictures as I was on the Internet (he was behind me) and then the moment was gone! Posted by Picasa

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