Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hunter's first and second lost tooths!

Last week during VBS Sunday night Hunter FINALLY lost his first tooth, I say finally because I took a picture of him when we found out it was first loose and looking back that was over 2 months ago!! The tooth fairy brought him $5 and Michael had a cow! He said, "I use to get nickles and dimes, don't you think that's a little outrageous?" Well unfortunately yes but when Samuel lost his first tooth (although does that really count when a tooth is pulled by the dentist)
Michael was out of town and I don't usually carry cash but happened to have $5 that day. So for a first lost tooth it is $5 additional teeth a gold $1 coin! Yesterday when his second tooth came out (yep when he finally pulled the first we found the second was also loose) only a week later it came out and he was just as excited to get the $1 coin as the $5!

I just noticed he's wearing the same pj's in both pictures!! EWW I'm pretty sure they got washed within the week ,I hope!! That kid loves his Mario Brothers!

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