Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake time

So last week we went to the lake, it is FINALLY warm enough to enjoy ourselves out on the boat. Just before we left the weatherman said out of the last 5 weekends (10 days) 8 days were raining!! So for the past month we have been stuck in the house on the weekends.

We found a deal on a nice pontoon boat a while ago so we got to break it in and boy was it fun to have some room to roam. The fishing boat was getting quite cramped for all 5 of us to enjoy and now that the big boys are really fishing with actual hooks, it's a little safer with the bigger boat too.

Of course can't be with out the cell phone in case a rig hand needs help!! HAHAHA it was just my Dad seeing if Michael was working. When he found out it was my Dad he said hey Leo, hang on just a minute I got a fish on the was too funny. Guess you had to be there.

Oh and check out where Michael's sittin and got his feet propped up, all those seats (4 in all) fold out and make a huge bed, there's a spot in the middle where a table sets up and the opposite corner from where Gabe is standing a grill goes too!! We could actually camp over night on this thing!! Don't worry it's got a sink and a porta potty with a little dressing room that you can put up too. Who knew they put all that on a pontoon boat, I mean it's not a house boat but sure could be. And it's got a working radio we were chillin with some tunes and soda soakin up the sun.

Yep it got hot on the boat and the boys went for a swim. Gabe got in but just for a moment he needs it a little warmer like I do!
Shortly after the boys got out of the water a big snake swam by and I screamed like a girl! It's behind the bush, wish I would have got a picture as it was swimming.

Posted by PicasaAnd we've got some fox (the neighbor says there's 5 of them) living near the house too. This one was playing with a dead mouse or something. I guess I won't bother them if they are killing the mice. But we were sure to stress to the boys NOT to go near them. Unfortunately the fox are not timid around humans, but were not too friendly either. They never came into our yard just the people across the street which is just fine with me.
We're headed to the lake tomorrow for Memorial weekend if I get any good pictures I'll be sure to post.

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  1. HOW FUN!!! If our wind and cold weather ever stops here maybe we can get out and do something fun like that too!!!I love the story of your hubby saying he has a big fish to Uncle Leo!!haha cracked me up!