Monday, April 20, 2009


Coloring eggs

Bunny Pancakes for Easter

Humm which one shall I start with?

Wow look at all this stuff we got

Gabriel 3 1/2 months

We had a really good Easter, we colored eggs which the boys loved maybe a little too much. I've got boiled eggs out the wazoo, luckily Michael's pretty inventive and we have put a good dent in the 2 dozen eggs that were colored.

Samuel ate too much candy and after a good nap in the afternoon he woke up puking!!! UGG. I ended up staying up with him till midnight (when he finally held it in and fell asleep) so that he wouldn't choke on anything. We were all really tired the next day from all that excitement. I don't think the boys will ever forget when we tell them to stop eating candy, because now they really know it will make them sick. Why do life lessons come the hard way?
Gabriel is now 4 months and I didn't get a picture taken on the 12th but will post one as close to the 12th so you can see how big he is!!!

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