Monday, April 20, 2009

Finishing the quilt

Samuel practicing his downward dog on the Wii!

Driving with Mario Cart on the Wii

Starting the quilting part of my quilt, what a BIG HUGE PAIN!!

That's a whole lot of fabric to feed through that little machine,
I so need a long arm to do this stuff!!

It's quilted, now on to the binding!

This is such a pretty quilt, I love all the colors, but when you do a project this size it just never seems to end, especially with what little time I have to spend on extracurricular projects!


  1. LOVE the quilt!!!! I am hoping to hit the material stores up this week when we find out what these babies are!

  2. Wow Christina! That quilt is beautiful! :) I love the pictures of you hard at work at the sewing machine! Classic. I also love the picture of Samuel workin' the downward dog position! That is so awesome!