Monday, April 20, 2009

More Easter pictures

A friend of Michael's had a trampoline they weren't using and asked if we wanted it!! So now we have more stuff in our yard for the boys to play on. The Easter bunny was very generous this year!! It's funny too how a new trampoline will barely give when little kids are on it, Michael got on this one (10 yrs old) and actually hit the ground with one of his big bounces!! It's so nice having so many friends with older kids, we have gotten our big swing set, bikes, bouncy horses, picnic table, bunk bed, and many other nice hand me downs that way. Got to love saving money!
looking for eggs

Lightning McQueen Easter egg!

Lots and lots of eggs

lets count em

Thanks Katherine for all the fun Easter decorating stuff you got for the boys!! They could not keep their little paws off the "Cars coloring kit" or the window decorations. Oh well what fun is it if you can't play with it?
Sorry the blog will only allow for so many pictures to be uploaded and I wanted to post more so here they are.

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