Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring has sprung

The boys flying kites

Hunter and Sam waiting for the bus, can you see Hunter's name he wrote? The H is REALLY long

Well, I have finally found some time to download some new pictures and post on my blog, or is it more like I am ignoring my chores and playing for a little while!! HAHAHAHA

We had a great trip to Durango, I got to go to one of my best friends baby shower while I was there, she's having triplets in June (identical twin boys and 1 girl) she already has a girl Kody who shares her birthday with Hunter only she's a year younger and SOOO beautiful like her mommy! At the shower of course I got to see so many of my friends which I usually don't get to see because when we visit Durango there is so much family we are obligated to visit that it's hard to fit in visits with friends. It was so fun to see all their kids (or at least the little girls) I had to laugh noticing no one brought their boys with them unless they were infants, they can be so ornery especially when your trying to have a quiet get together!
The weather was beautiful while we were there and a week after we left I guess it got crummy again so I'm glad we got to enjoy nice weather while it was to be had. Especially since I wanted to go to Florida or Mexico (some place warm) for spring break, not Durango.

My bulbs bloomed and I got some great pictures of some of them along with some of the trees too. But two days after I took pictures a big snow storm came through and totally ruined my azalea buds so not much bloomed on those!

Michael and I planted a garden last year and this year expanded it and built a new one too. We got it all planted right before a big rain storm so we got some great moisture on the garden. Isn't it funny how you can water and water but there is just something about rain water that does miracles. So after one week we have radishes and lettus coming up and after a week and a half have brussel sprouts and corn coming up too! So excited to see what two weeks will bring up. Especially after more rain!! HURRAY!

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