Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Professional Spring pictures 2010

Well here are those awesome pictures I said I would post and I just got them in my hands only 15 minutes ago!! Yeah for me gitner done!!

My boys are so cute, sorry just a little bias! (is that the right spelling? I know if I'm sewing I would use that but is it spelled different when your "leaning in favor of?") Hehehe I'm kind of a spelling nut just ask my husband, I can't get a single page of anything typed in less than an hour because of all my editing and he constantly asks me "how do you spell" but then again I did pretty much get him through his college English classes by staying up late doing HIS papers!! Oh well, when I go back to college he can help me with my math because I really suck at that!

I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I am!

This one's my favorite!!
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  1. Christina,
    Your boys are ADORABLE! I LOVE the pictures! They turned out fantastic! They are such cuties! :)

  2. what studs you have!!!Love these pic!