Friday, May 7, 2010

Yep Still Crafting!

My model for my first pillow case dress did not want to take off his cowboy boots or pants but I really wanted a picture of this cute thing. I made it for Michael's, sister's little girl Kyla for her birthday and she said she liked the colors green and purple, which I thought was going to be SO hard to find material with those colors but look how cute the material is, and I found matching polka dot ribbon for trim and ties too! Great choice of colors Kyla. I wanted the eyelet lace to be on top and let just a smidge of the purple hang below but I messed up and just went with it so it kinda hangs like a bell with all that material underneath, oh well!! For my first one I thought it turned out okay. I hope Kyla likes it most of all.

I found this cute Easter fabric on clearance at the quilt store so I added a strip to a tea towel and it turned out so cute I have about a yard and a half left and don't know what to do with it. It's not something you can really cut up to use in a quilt because it's already kinda cut up so to speak. I was considering just making a table runner out of the whole fabric but am not totally sold on that idea, any suggestions would be appreciated. I also have some Valentines, Halloween and Christmas fabric to do this same thing with the tea towels (because I like to decorate for the holidays) but I would like to try my hand at reverse applique on one of these. If I ever get around to doing that I will post those pictures.

I finally finished the other two quilts for my friend with the triplets and got those sent to her just this week (and surprised her) just in time for their first birthdays!! I appliqued their names on each quilt Jesse (only to find out later it's Jessy) and Jett!! Oh well, I'll bring the "Y" down when we come for 4th of July and fix it for her.

This was so cute, I didn't posed the boys for this picture they just all crawled up in my chair and were loving on each other. I love that they can be so sweet to each other. I hope they will always be kind to one another.

Here are some more of my diaper clutches and wipe holders. All of which I gave to friends!

A girl version of the tag blankie, my friend Brenda commissioned me to do this for her baby after seeing the one I made for Gabe. It turned out great with the matching heart edge and I did brown thread on top and pink thread in my bobbin so that it would show up on the opposite color fabric.

Due to all my sewing adventures for myself and gifts for my friends several people have asked me to make them items to give as gifts themselves as well as do some mending and other sewing. So I have started up a little bitty business. (not really enough to make money at but give me some spending cash here and there) ?Sew What? is what I named it and I've already had 2 customers! It's fun and I hope I don't get too busy so that I can still do my own projects but for now it's all fun. Thank you friends for your belief in my abilities to help you out. I would like to get the word out like on Face Book with my own "business page" but I'm a little scared that I might get overwhelmed with the work. I really hate to be tied down to things. Suggestions?

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  1. YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME!!!! We LOVE our new bags for the boys....Which they have played with every single day since we opened them!!!!AND I LOVE my diaper clutch SOOOO stinkin cute you are so amazing & so very talented! DOn't be nervous about the new buisness I thik its great!!ANd think you will do great as well you are so talented!