Friday, May 7, 2010

Gardening 101 (more like 2010)

I say more like 2010 only because 101 is for learning and more than likely you won't learn anything from us except what not to do!!

Last year our garden was good, the year before that it was okay, but I'm hoping this year will be great! While preparing our beds this year a couple of weeks before Easter (those in Colorado yes it's okay to be jealous, the growing season here is just so much better but then again we have to deal with heat, humidity and weird & nasty bugs all the time) Michael found the following: see pictures below.

What is that?

It's a CARROT!! I guess a seed got lodged in between the bricks and never got noticed till it was pushing the bricks apart. It grew there all winter long! It was HUGE and how fun to find such a treasure after such a long cold winter. No we didn't eat it but it did go into our new compost bin.

How does one prepare raised beds, we don't have one of those mantis tillers which would really work great in these small beds but I can't see spending the money and those garden claws are really expensive too so Michael welded one up from some scraps and it may not be the real claw but it works GREAT!! I love having such a handy man around!

We have some onions still growing from last year, but for some reason my garlic never came up!!

Gabriel is checking out the pea trellis, we already have some almost ready to pick can you believe it and we've been eating fresh radishes for a couple of weeks now. I just LOVE radishes.

Some seedlings we planted back in Feb.

We are going to try our hand at composting this year. The city of Tulsa is trying to get more people to recycle and were selling compost bins for a fraction of the actual cost of one so we decided to get one. I'll spare you and myself for that matter on the contents of the bin who wants pictures of that, seriously!! But I did find out you can put your dryer lint in the compost! I have a tub in my laundry that I fill with my dryer lint and have been wondering what I could possibly do with all that lint....tah dah, it's been waiting all this time for the compost. Although now I have no lint since I got my new laundry line up. Gee whiz trying to be more "green" or country as we grew up knowing about these things a while back is so fun.

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