Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring pictures

Samuel playing in the fountain at the Tulsa Rose Gardens

The little girl in the back ground had picked a rose and upon walking by the fountain she threw it in!! I PROMISE you I am no photographer and I have no clue as to image enhancing software stuff, sometimes I do click on the "auto fix" button but other than that I don't really mess around with that stuff! I just saw this and took a picture and it turned out like a screen saver or something!! It's so pretty.

Here are some pictures during our photo session with my friend Oliva, I'll post the awesome pictures she took when I get them.

Clowning around

Had to get Popsicles from the ice cream truck! And yes this is AFTER the real photos were taken and yes I did get all the stains out of those white outfits believe it or not!

Too cute!

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