Friday, January 15, 2010

August & September school news

Samuel and his 1st day at preschool

Samuel waved goodbye to Hunter then quickly celebrated his departure! I kid you not, this was not posed at all!!

Hunter waiting for the bus on his 1st day of Kindergarten!

Ok, so I blogged about first day of school but I didn't add pictures because of my computer issues. So I posted a couple of pictures of the boys on first day's of school just below. Well turns out Hunter got on the wrong bus!!! At least the driver asked me if he was going to "such and such" elementary school and I said yes she asked if he was in kindergarten and I said yes so off he went. He came home on the special ed bus and they told me the mistake and that it was just much safer for him on the little bus since there are seat belts and fewer kids most of whom are in his grade instead of 5th through kindergarten on a huge bus which he would have been on for almost an hour! I can't imagine the bullying of or possibility of it and other dangerous things a kindergartner could do or happen to!! YIKES, so I am sad that he's not integrating into "normal" school as easily as I had hoped but also glad that he gets more "focused" attention on his learning. He's in a class room with 10 kids and 3 teachers/aides where as his "regular" kindergarten class that he joins for certain activities has 30 kids a teacher and an aide!! He's doing well in school and we just received his report card last week and the only things he hasn't mastered are the pledge of allegiance, and the OK flag ?allegiance? His speaking in complete sentences are still behind but he has come SOOO far since he was 3 and not being able to make 3 or 4 word requests/sentences! He has his 3 year evaluation at school next week to see how well he has progressed and I look forward to seeing the results! Oh and he has a girl friend too, they give each other notes at school all the time and she is so cute! Her name is Emma and she is in Hunter's special ed class as well as his regular class so they get to go to and from both classes together and I think that has helped form the bond between them. In my opinion she is the prettiest girl in kindergarten, hehehe.

As for Samuel he was so excited to see Hunter off to school he wanted to go too, but on his first day at preschool he was so nervous about it he had a hard time leaving home. But once there he forgot all about Mom and began playing with the other kids right away, I could barely get him to look at me for pictures! Mrs. Judy (one of the teachers) just loves him and tells him what a handsome boy he is and he's always loving on her and now I'm hearing from the other Mom's that their girls all talk about handsome Samuel at home! He's also got a girl friend Celia who he sees at church every Sunday too, and I think I know why he likes her so much, she's very active and isn't a girly girl, she loves to chase him and I think she's not afraid to play rough (a girl after my own heart)!

Well Gabriel he has had so many miles stones that I will just blog about them as I get pictures up but he is my Mama's boy and cries only "for show" whenever we drop him off at the nursery at the "Y" or church because they all tell us it stops after quickly after we leave! He's such a sweet boy and is very active but sleeps well and is into lots of things every day.

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