Friday, January 15, 2010

Gabriel being a big boy

Gabe is quickly learning that playing with the big boys is really fun! He enjoys riding in the jeep whenever he can and Hunter is such a good driver that it is easily my favorite thing for them to do as all of them are quite content on having fun. Samuel, not such a good driver he goes too fast and then stops fast too only to throw Gabe around in the jeep so he likes to ride the 4 wheeler by himself. This lets me get some weeding in the garden done while it was still growing but I have to confess Michael did most of the gardening, I hate being outside when it's so dang hot out that you start sweating as soon as you walk out the door! The humidity is mostly to blame and I don't think you ever get use to it either. The only time I like the heat is when I'm on the lake or at the pool!
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