Friday, January 15, 2010

Well our 10 year anniversary wasn't much, just a short trip to OKC, only because HELLO it's 10 years, damn right we're gonna celebrate that, but since we don't have family nearby to watch kiddo's we decided to take them along! Where you ask.....MEXICO of course, but yeah I'm crazy enough to say hey I'm not gonna let a few kids bring me down enjoying my vacation! I booked our vacation in early July not knowing we were gonna stumble upon a great deal of a lake house but luckily I'm so thrifty that I found a VERY cheap vacation, especially since it was during the swine flu epidemic and hurricane season!! What can I say I'm Fearless...okay sometimes that can be confused with crazy or just plain stupid but we had many friends go to Mexico during the flu thing and say it was really over blown and we have been through 6 years of Tornado season in OK and really it's hit or miss LITERALLY but we did watch the weather reports and bought travel insurance just in case!! About a month or two before our departure Michael's mother offered to come watch Gabe, since she had just recently retired and been to the exact resort we were going to! I guess she knew having a baby wouldn't be as fun in Mexico so it was just the big boys this time. THANK YOU RAY AND RHONDA for watching Gabe we had a blast!!

It was SOOO much fun to watch the boys on their first plane trip too, they were giggling so hard when the engines roared to life that people all around us were looking at them thinking it was so cute to see someone else's first plane ride too. And it was only a 1 hour trip from Tulsa to Houston, then a quick plane change for a 2 hour ride to Playa Del Carmen. I think it took longer to get our van at the airport in Cancun and get to the hotel than it did to ride the plane. To make it so much better, we got several comments about how good our boys did even when Hunter sat by himself with a couple of hotty college girls (they did offer to trade seats but he wanted to be a big boy) and I was just across the isle with Sam so I could intercede if needed!

Hunter and Samuel's first plane ride
(well Hunter actually rode a plane at 9 months but that doesn't really count)

meeting the pilots, they were very nice

It was SOOO cute how excited they were

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