Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Being Crafty

Well in addition to Hunter's birthday in January I had a niece and a nephew with birthdays later this month as well. I sent Evie the quilt that I had made, only because I wanted to keep it for my bed as it would have gone perfectly with my green walls but it wasn't big enough. Evie has a similar green in her room and since she was turning 14 I thought she could use a more grown up bed covering!!
Any who Brevan turned 7 and I had seen these at craft fairs and on line so I decided to make a little coloring tote for him. I had to practice first just to be sure the directions I got were legit!! But they weren't thank goodness I figured that out right away. The directions to make it were fine but they were only using 8 1/2" squares for the tote and most coloring books are 12" tall!! So I adjusted and made the crayon slots smaller since I was using colored pencils. I left a place for an eraser or pencil sharpener on B's tote because you always need to sharpen those things and need one handy! I also embroidered his name on it so no one could snatch it up!

A friend of mine saw my crafty crafts on my blog and asked if she could commission a few baby gifts for people she knew so by all means...I whipped up some diaper clutches and wipes containers!!
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