Friday, January 15, 2010

Halloween '09

Okay so my pictures are all out of order but for some reason they are not filed by date but alphabetically so as I'm catching up 5 months worth of blogging in one session I'm finding photo's I missed!

Halloween was awesome. We went to Tulsa during the morning to take advantage of Boo Ha Ha, that was fun but NEVER again...way too many people even for me.
Then we went around our little neighborhood (43 houses) of which there were only 15 handing out candy and since there are so few kids the people gave the boys GOBS of candy. We didn't even have a pail for Gabe and we fill a huge popcorn bowl over flowing with candy!!

Of course I'm PMSing about that time and gorge myself with mounds of chocolate!!

It was a great Halloween!! Buzz, Woody and Spiderman!

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