Friday, January 15, 2010

Craft Time

Well through out the year I have enjoyed making many crafts and gifts and thanks to my cousins Melissa and Cassy I used some of their ideas along with some of my own finds! Many of the things I have made you can find directions for making on line! The top item is a nursing cape, I used one up until Gabe decided he needed to see out and kept throwing it back in public, so I stopped nursing and gave my cape to a dear friend who was about to have her second little girl.

Back in April a friend of mine called and asked if I would go to this coupon workshop with her so I agreed and we have been inseperable her and my coupons! I'm addicted, it's so fun to see the total of your bill drop not just a couple of dollars but ALOT!! I'll show you a few of my pictures of my bargain shopping later! But anywho I found a freebie at Joanns how to make this coupon wallet, I use it only for organizing my use today coupons, I have a big binder holding my other coupons!

Here is a cute gift I made one of Michael's co-workers wife who had her second baby girl, I've made 4 of these diaper holders and wipe combo and they are so cute and REALLY useful. It holds two diapers or 1 diaper and 1 pullup and the plastic travel case of wipes all decorated to match!! It's so handy if your just wanting to take your purse or go for a jog for that just in case!! And it's good for Dad's too!!

I made these for the boys to take to resturants and had it in their stockings for Christmas! It was so easy to make and they are so cute and roll up so small they fit easily into my purse.
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