Friday, January 15, 2010

Weight Loss

Well I hate to even share this on line but if it means it will encourage even one person to lose weight then so be it!!

I LOVE the show the biggest loser and after our return from 4th of July in Durango some ladies at the local YMCA started an Owasso biggest loser!

In these first two pictures I was 6 months post pregnancy and sick to death of seeing stars like Angelina Jolee, Jennifer Garner, JLo and what have you look AMAZING 6 weeks post pregnancy!! Each and everyone of my 3 pregnancies I gained 50 pounds because I give myself permission to eat what ever, when ever and how ever much I want!! But the shedding of those 50lbs does not happen with nursing for me and I only lose about 20 lbs. So this is not my biggest weight obviously I was 20lbs bigger pregnant. But not being pregnant by 6 month's and carry all that extra weight and to look longingly at my clothes that I STILL could not fit in 6 moths later I knew I had to do something!! So I took on the challenge of putting up $25 to win the biggest looser!! It was definitely a struggle every day, I recorded what I ate and adjusted my caloric intake between 1100 and 1500 calories a day with the help of a free web sight called! But when I do I will post it. That had to have been a 1/3 of what I was usually wonder the weight wasn't coming off even though I was working out! I also started training for my first 5k (which I was training for before I got pregnant and had to abandon) and after only 6 weeks I had lost 15 pounds.

6 Weeks post biggest looser!
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