Friday, January 15, 2010

Lake House

Well after the summer was over we were on one of our many leisurely drives across Oklahoma and we wound up at Lake Ten Killer which is about an hour south of us. We drove through one of the many subdivisions around the lake and found a few places for sale, we've always been looking for a place weather it be a large property to build on, an already built place on a farm or just a place for relaxing but have never quite found "the place" until September! It was cheap, fully furnished and on 3 level (hardly heard of in that area) lots with a shed and a carport for the boat!! The people had been trying to sell it for almost a year and had come down off their price by ALOT but the original listing included their pontoon boat and 2 jet skis. Any who after inspecting the place we made an offer and they jumped on it! So walla, we have a lake house. It's not much but it serves it's purpose in giving us a place to get away! The really funny thing is that the trailer is the same year as our first "house" we bought when we got married and almost the same floor plan as well! Wow takes me back, but it sure makes us appreciate all that God has given us since the lean times of our early marriage!

Just a few pictures of the boys, Hunter and Samuel enjoying cracking peanuts on the rocks

The Lake House!! the screened in porch is AWESOME and has a queen size bed, a twin bed and a futon not to mention a few chairs and out door dining set to enjoy the out side air WITH OUT the BUGS!

You can see the carport off to the right! And it's fully fenced with chain link to keep the boys safe!
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